Acacia: South Africa

A behind the scenes look at time-lapsing in the South African Bush with photographers Andrew Geraci and Breese as they shoot a single tree for the new intro to PBS's Nature.

Director/Editor/Producer: Andrew "Drew" Geraci

Assistant DP: Andrew Breese

CLIENT: Big Machine & PBS

District 7 Media: 2014 Time-lapse Reel

2013 was an incredible year for District 7 Media. We traveled across the USA shooting time-lapse for clients such as the NFL, NETFLIX, Apple, Corona, Coach, PBS, A&E, and more! This short compilation are scenes taken from these various projects as well as personal projects to highlight the range and versatility of our shooting.

DIRECTOR: Andrew "Drew" Geraci

PRODUCERS: Arthur Breese, Drew Geraci

House of Cards + Walking Dead Intro

House of Cards meets The Walking Dead intro. What could be better?! We decided to combine our two favorite shows with an overhaul of their intros and showcase them with this parody video. We combined the theme of The Walking Dead and incorporated as many elements from House of Cards that we could. Since the original HOC intro is nearly 90 seconds long and TWD intro is only 35 seconds it was quite the challenge fitting in all of the credits and choosing the best scenes that represent the darker side of the show.

DIRECTOR/Editor: Andrew "Drew" Geraci

House of Cards intro by: ELASITC

House of Cards intro footage by: District 7 Media

The Walking Dead Theme by: Bear McCreary

Why Choose DC?

DC is a bustling metropolis full of new and exciting building projects that aim to draw in small businesses and large corporations from around the globe. The big question is why choose DC? Here's why...

DIRECTOR/Editor/Producer: Andrew "Drew" Geraci

CLIENT: Washington DC, Economic Partnership

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House of Cards Season 1, 2 & 3

Client: David Fincher / Netflix

Role: HDR time-lapse sequences for Season 1 and 2

Production Time: Periodically over 6 Months


NFL Superbowl 47, 48 & 49

Client: NFL 

Role: Create unique, memorable, and inspirational time-lapses to tell the story of the Superbowl for the NFL

Production Time: Periodically over 2 Months


NFL Draft 48 & 49

Client: NFL Network

RoleCreate a dynamic and diverse collection of  time-lapses depicting NYC to tell the story of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall

Production Time:  12 Days

X Games 2013 (Multiple Commercial Spots)

Client: Angus Wall / ESPN

Role: Create a mesmerizing collection of  time-lapses to showcase all of the locations that the X Games will be played at, to include, Spain, Germany, and Brazil.

Production Time:  14 Days



Discovery Channel

Production: Weed War (transitional clips)

Role: Create a collection of  time-lapses to showcase downtown Oakland, CA to play between show segments.

Production Time:  3 Days


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Acacia South Africa

In the heart of the African bush, time-lapse photographers Drew Geraci and Andrew Breese, trek across the golden landscape to capture a single tree, the Acacia. The mission of this trip was to showcase the Acacia in as many different environmental compositions as possible (within a 3 day window). This footage is part behind-the-scenes and […]

MIDTOWN Production Launches!

We’re incredibly excited and proud to share with everyone our latest time-lapse production. It’s been over a year since we released a personal project and we’re stoked that it has finally happened! The lights, cars, traffic, architecture and people make the city come to life as a living, breathing, organism that never sleeps. Take a […]

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The Atlantic – District Nights ( 2011)
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